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 Walkthrough of the main page

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PostSubject: Walkthrough of the main page   Thu Feb 05, 2009 3:18 am

Ok, so I know what it is, can I start making a mighty empire?
Not yet! First, you need to understand the main page!

As you can see, I have numbered several of the items on this picture. Lets have a look and see what they are!

1.(red): This is the Side Bar. It appears on every page in Travian. On the Side bar are several links to different pages in Travian.

Homepage : This is a link to the main page of Travian.

Manual : This opens a manual with a list of all buildings and Units. (Note that while not logged on, it shows the tribes, buildings, and FAQ, but if you are logged on, it makes a pop up, which only shows the units and buildings, but in more detail than the other version.)

Tutorial : This is a small Tutorial of Travian. It doesn't have all of the useful information like my guide does, but feel free to check it out.

Login : This is the button you press to log on to your account. We, however, are not at the point yet, so just sit tight for now.

Register : This will bring you to the register page, where you can sign up for this wonderful game.

Forum : This leads you to the wonderful forum, but for some reason, I think you already knew that.

Chat : This brings you to a live chat room, where you can get your help fast and easy.

2.(yellow): This is a list of all the different servers. They are based on Language, so if you feel more comfortable speaking a different language, feel free to join the right server that fits you. Just remember, I bet none of the other forums have such an in-depth guide as ours does now lol.

3.(blue): This is the Players' Statistic. It shows you the Number of Registered Players, the Number of Active Players, and the Number of On-line Players, all at the same time. I never thought of how useful this was, but it must be in some way lol.

4.(purple): This is a shortcut to the Tutorial we talked about before. Not much to be said, except that it takes about 60s to look at, but it doesn't tell alot of information.

5.(brown): This is a shortcut to the Login page. This will take you to the screen where you can log in and begin playing.

6.(gray): This is just a little section dedicated to the forums. It shows you which post are the newest, so that you can stay up to date.

7.(orange): This is a little section of screenshots you can view, so that you can get a feel of the game before you play.

8.(green): This is the bottom menu bar. It appears on the bottom of the Home page, Tutorial page, links page, Rules page, Terms page, About Us Page, Screenshots page, and Manual page(non pop-up).

FAQ : This takes you to the Travian FAQ, which gives you a bit of useful information, so you should look there if you are in need of a little help.

Screenshots : This takes you to the Screenshot page, which shows you pictures of the game play.

Links : This takes you to the links page, but unfortunately, there is nothing on it.

Rules : This shows all the rules of Travian. It would be wise to read this entire page before registering and defiantly before playing.

Terms : This shows all of the Terms and Conditions you agree to follow when you register and join the wide world of Travian. As you can see, it is in very small print, so that they can put little things like " you agree to sell your soul to the devil" in the middle and you never know, so I suggest you you read the entire thing thoroughly before joining.

About Us : This page tell you exactly what it sounds like, a little information about the creators of Travian. It give their postal address and telephone number. Hmm, I didn't know the creators were German . . . guess you learn something new every day.

And at the very bottom of the page, there is the little (C) symbol so no one can steal their ideas.
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Walkthrough of the main page
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