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 Tasksystem and Beginner Guide part 1

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PostSubject: Tasksystem and Beginner Guide part 1   Thu Feb 05, 2009 3:06 am

Tasksystem just applied some day ago in the server and It's new with everyone, so I think I should start this guide to give more details about this for you about this:

Different accounts with Tasksystem and the old accounts without Tasksystem:
- Instead of getting 35 free gold for each account and the merchant from your homeland gift, you need to complete the quests to have 35 gold, little amount of free resources and 3 days beginning plus account
First, you must click on "To the first quest' in the menu under the questmaster icon to access the quests.

Here's the list and information of all 22 quests:

Quest 1: Woodcutter
„Around your village there are four green forests. Construct a Woodcutter on one of them. Lumber is an important resource for our new settlement.”

Order: Extend one Woodcutter

Quest reward: Automatical completion of the woodcutter.
Quest 2: Crop

„Now your subjects are hungry from working all day. Extend a Cropland to improve your subjects' supply. Come back here once the building is complete.”

Order: Extend one Cropland

Quest reward: 1 Day Travian Plus.
Quest 3: Your village's name

„Creative as you are you can grant your village the ultimate name.

Click on 'Profile' in the left hand menu and then select 'Change profile'...”

Order: Change your village's name to something nice

Quest reward: 30603020
Quest 4: Other players

„In Travian you play along with billions of other players. Click 'Statistics' in the top menu to look up your rank and enter it here.”

Order: Look for your rank in the statistics and enter it here (the white blank under the quest screen). When you're done, click the complete quest

Quest reward: 40302030
Quest 5: Two Building Orders

„Build a Iron Mine and a Clay Pit. Of Iron and Clay one can never have enough,

Thanks to the Plus-Account I gave to you a short while ago, you can give both orders right away.”

Order: (You don't need to construct 2 buildings at the same time)
* Extend one Iron Mine
* Extend one Clay Pit

Quest reward: 50603030
Quest 6: Messages

„You can talk to other players using the messaging system. I sent a message to you. Read it and come back here.

P.S. Don't forget: on the left the reports, on the right the messages.”

Order: Read your new message

Quest reward: 20 Gold
Quest 7: Neighbors

„Around you there are many different villages. One of it is named xxx`s village. (xxx is one of the neighbor near your area)

Click 'Map' in the head menu and look for that village. The name of your neighbors' villages can be seen once you hover your mouse over any of them.”

Order: Look for the coordinates of xxx`s village and enter them here. (fill the white blank with the coordinate of this player)

Quest reward: 60304090
Quest 8: Huge Army

„Now I've got a very special quest for you. I am hungry. Give me 200 Crop!

In return I will try to organize a huge army to protect your village.”

Order: Send 200 Crop to the Questmaster (You'll lose those amount of crop in your resources. Click Send Crop to complete the quest)

Quest reward: Huge army (Which take 12 hours to travel to your village, Nature tribe, 1 Rat. How big the rat is )
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PostSubject: Tasksystem and Beginner Guide part 2   Thu Feb 05, 2009 3:09 am

Quest 9: One each!

„In Travian there is always something to do! While you are waiting for your new army, extend one additional Woodcutter, Clay Pit, Iron Mine and Cropland to level 1.”

Order: Extend one more resource tile each to level 1.

Quest reward: 100804040
Quest 10: Coming Soon!

„Now there is time for a small break until the gigantic army I sent you arrives.

Until then you can explore the map or extend a few resource tiles.”

Order: Wait for the Questmaster's army to arrive

Quest reward: 2 days more of Travian Plus
Quest 11: Reports

„Every time something important happens to your account you will receive a report. You can see these by clicking on the left half of the 5th button (from left to right). Read the report and come back here.”

Order: Read your latest report(Read your reinforcement report)

Quest reward: 751404040
Quest 12: Everything to 1!

„Now we should increase your resource production a bit. Extend all your resource tiles to level 1.”

Order: Extend all resource tiles to level 1.

Quest reward: 75803050
Quest 13: Dove of Peace

„The first days after signing up you are protected against attacks by your fellow players. How long this protection lasts you can see by adding the code [#0] to your profile.”

Order: Write the code [#0] into your profile (You'll see a white dove in your profile after complete doing this. If the dove is a bit dark that mean you still have the protection. If the dove is lighter, that mean you have no longer beginner protection)

Quest reward: 120200140100
Quest 14: Cranny

„It's getting time to erect a Cranny. The world of Travian is dangerous.

Many players live by stealing other players' resources. Build a Cranny to hide at least part of your resources against enemies.”

Order: Construct a Cranny

Quest reward: 15018030130

Quest 15: To Two!

„In Travian there is always something to do! Extend one Woodcutter, one Clay Pit, one Iron Mine and one Cropland to level 2 each.”

Order: Extend one resource tile each to level 2

Quest reward: 60504030
Quest 16: Instuction

„In the In-game Instructions you can find short information texts about different buildings and types of units.

Click 'Instructions' on the left and look up how much Lumber Barracks cost.”

Order: Enter how much Lumber Barracks cost (For those one too lazy to read it. The answer is 210 Razz)

Quest reward: 50306020
Quest 17: Main Building

„Your master builders need a Main Building level 3 to erect important buildings such as the Marketplace or Barracks”

Order: Extend your Main Building to level 3

Quest reward: 75754040
Quest 18: Advanced!

„Look up your rank in the player statistics again and enjoy your progress.”

Order: Look for your rank in the statistics and enter it here.

Quest reward: 1009010060
Quest 19: Weapons or Dough

„Now you have to make a decision: Either trade peacefully or become a dreaded warrior.

For the Marketplace you need a Granary, for the Barracks you need a Rally Point.”

Order: You must choose from the 2 types of growth, economy or military, if you choose Economy so go to quest 19a, if you choose military, go to quest 19b.

Quest 19a:

„Trade & Economy was your choice. Golden times await you for sure!”

Order: Construct a Granary
Quest 19b:

„A brave decision. To be able to send troops you need a Rally Point.

The Rally Point can be build on a single building site only. The building side is located on the right side of the Main Building, slightly below it. The building side itself is curved.”

Order: Construct a Rally Point (For anyone doesn't know where can build the rally point, look up the pinned topic in this forum)
Quest reward: 80906040
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PostSubject: Tasksystem and Beginner Guide part 3   Thu Feb 05, 2009 3:10 am

Quest 20a: Warehouse (continue from quest 19a)

„Not only Crop has to be saved. Other resources can go to waste as well if they are not stored correctly. Construct a Warehouse!”

Order: Construct a Warehouse

Quest reward: 701209050
Quest 20b: Barracks (continue from quest 19b)

„Now you have a Main Building level 3 and a Rally Point. That means that all prerequisites for building Barracks have been fulfilled.

In the Barracks you can troops for fighting.”

Order: Construct Barracks

Quest reward: 7010090100
Quest 21a: Marketplace (continue from quest 20a)

„Construct a Marketplace so you can trade with your fellow players.”

Order: Please build a Marketplace.

Quest reward: 200200700250 (OMG, 700 Iron, Is this too much ?)
Quest 21b: Train! (continue from quest 20b)

„Now that you have Barracks you can start training troops. Train two Phalanxes/Clubswingers/Legionaires” (That base on your tribe)

Order: Please train 2 Phalanxes/Clubswingers/Legionaires

Quest reward: 300320360370
Quest 22: Everything to 2!

„Now it's time again to extend the cornerstones of might and wealth! This time level 1 is not enough... it will take a while but in the end it will be worth it. Extend all your resource tiles to level 2!”

Order: Extend all resource tiles to level 2.

Quest reward: 15 gold
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PostSubject: Re: Tasksystem and Beginner Guide part 1   

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Tasksystem and Beginner Guide part 1
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