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 Stwack Player Guide and FAQ

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PostSubject: Stwack Player Guide and FAQ   Thu Feb 05, 2009 4:26 pm

What is Stwack?!?!
Stwack is a turn-based fighting game based on stickmen. At each turn,
players can choose to attack, defend and/or use special items.

How is my damage determined?
Damage is dealt to 3 parts of the body: head, torso and legs. Each
skill defines the damage dealt to each part. Similarly, defensive skills
are defined by the defence points in the same 3 parts. Some skills may
have a wider range of damage/defence and it is up to you to strategise
your skill usage.

How do I know who goes first?
Several factors determine the initiative of a player. The most
important would be the speed of deciding your move for the current turn.
The faster you click, the higher chance to attack first.

How many skills can I use?
By default, you can only choose 5 skills to bring into each match.
This limit may be increased to 6 with the purchase of a slot sphere.
Note that disposable items such as potions and pills will be capped at 5
per match.

I won a match but my rewards were puny...
The exact formula changes over time, but your rewards depend on
several factors.
- your current level
- level difference with your opponent
- activity in a match
- damage dealt by the players

Why are some players sporting different hair colors??
Hair colors will change based on a player's level. Refer to the
stwack game guide for the details.

My opponent used potions and pills! It's unfair!
Potions and pills are part of the game. Some players choose to
sacrifice one skill slot to place these potions/pills. They lose one
choice of skill in the process. It is the player's choice whether or not
to use potions and pills and cannot be imposed on other

What happens when a player leaves the match halfway?
The match will end and the other player will be awarded the win.

Why are some skills not available for purchase?
We release festive skills occasionally and these are usually
limited-edition or limited-offer skills. It means that it will only be
available for sale during certain periods of the year, or being sold for
half price during the respective festive seasons.

What festive skills do you have?
The following events have their own set of special skills:
- Chinese New Year
- Valentines Day
- Easter Day
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Stwack Player Guide and FAQ
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