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This is a game guide for dragonadopters it explains the most important parts of the game.

Dragon Growth and other Influences

The dragon growth is influenced by 3 things:

* how much you visit your dragon
* how much other people visit your dragon
* items equipped on your dragon

If you don't visit your Dragonpage for some time, the dragons will slowly grow less and eventualy stop growing. Be sure to always visit your dragons so they don't get lonely. There is a limit on how much your own page visits affect your dragon, refreshing your Dragonpage won't make your dragons grow any faster after you exceeded the set daily limit.

Of course, other people will visit your dragon as well and that will make your dragon grow faster. Though there's a daily limit of how much other peoples visits influence dragon growth. This means that after your pageviews exceed this limit, they won't contribute to your dragons growth at all.

We set these limits so that if you refresh your Dragonpage or someone else refreshes your Dragonpage all the time, it won't make your dragon grow faster after it exceeds the set limit. This is to prevent people from exploiting the system with refreshing.

Here are instructions on how to advertise your dragons.

Dragon Resources and Production

As your grows in level, which is displayed as a percentage on your Dragonpage, it produces more resources. The production of resources is displayed per day and it rises as your dragon level rises.

The production of your dragon is influenced by one thing, how much you feed your dragon. If you don't feed him/her, the production will reduce and eventually the dragon will stop producing resources, it will reach zero.

Resources such as Aura, Fur, and Scales are currency here on DragonAdopters. Each dragon produces two resources, aura and a secondary resource. The aura produced is based upon the dragon element and the type of scales or fur produced is based upon the dragon species. Resources are used to purchase food and materials, create items and exchange them on the Items Market or trade for other resources on the Resources Market.

All dragon eggs produce white aura. When your dragon hatches you may choose his/her element. Once your dragon's element is chosen your dragon will start to produce the aura corresponding to that element.

Every dragon produces two kinds of resources:

* primary resource - Aura - depends on your dragon's element
* secondary resource - Dragon Fur, Dragon Scales, Reptile Scales - depends on which dragon species

Each dragon element has a corresponding dragon color and dragon element:
Earth Green Aura
Water Blue Aura
Fire Red Aura
Air White Aura
(air dragons are purple colored)

Western dragons and Wyverns produce Dragon Scales
Lizardus and Dino dragons produce Reptile Scales
Eastern and Furdragons produce Dragon Fur

Dragon Care

In this tab (see left menu) you can feed your dragon. On the top you can see how much Dragon Food you have. You're able to buy the food from the Buy Materials tab. You can use any resource to buy food. Below the dragon food icon you can see all your dragons, their levels, status and how much food they're consuming.

To feed the dragon you just need to enter the number of food units you want to give your dragon and click Feed Dragon. That food will be given to the dragon for consuming and you will see in the Amount tab how many units does the dragon currently have. It is neccesary to feed your dragon, otherwise after 24 hours of no feeding he/she will become hungry and start to produce less resources than normal.

It would be a good idea for your dragon to always carry some food. The best thing you can do it stockpile your dragon with as much food as he/she can carry. Just don't forget, over-feeding your dragon has a penalty.

General Inventory and Dragon Inventory

The General Inventory has 20 slots. In those slots go Items and Gem Stones. Be careful not to make your inventory full, otherwise you will be unable to create new items or buy new items from the Items Market.
If your inventory is full and the 5 days limit on the Items Market has expired and your item needs to be returned to your inventory, it will be unable to return to the inventory because it is full. Instead the Items Market will send your item to the Factory and sell it for aura.

There are 4 special slots in which go Dragon Food, Metal, Silk and Leather. The amount of food and materials you have are displayed in the bottom left corner of their image.

After you create or buy an item, it will go into the General Inventory. This doesn't mean your dragon has the items nor gets bonus effects. You need to give your items to any of your dragons by just selecting the dragon you want to equip that item to. After you do that, the dragon will gain bonus effects from the items, which is described in detail on the Item Effects tab, just below the Status Messages.

The Dragon Inventory is displayed with 6 boxes around your dragon picture on your Dragonpage. Each dragon has their species specific items and universal items. Every dragon can carry maximum 6 items. More about species specific items you can find later in this guide.

When you equip the items to your dragon, it will gain a boost as described in the item details. The item boost (bonus, effect) only affects the dragon they're equiped to. If you want your other dragons getting a boost, you'll need to equip items on them too.

Introduction into Items and Materials

There are four Materials: Gem Stones, Metal, Leather and Silk. You can buy materials and dragon food via the Buy Materials tab.

--------------- -------------
Gem Stones Aura
Metal Dragon/Reptile Scales or Dragon Fur
Leather/Silk Dragon Fur
--------------- -------------

Gem Stones

There are different Gem Stones which you need to create items with a specific level. You can buy Gem Stones via the Buy Gems tab.

The Gem Stones represent which level item you're trying to create and the color of the Gem Stones is determined by which colored aura you bought the gem with. An item created from a Gem Stone will have the same color as the Gem Stone. Items that don't require Gem Stones to create them, do require aura in the creation process and those items will have the same color as the aura you used to create them.

--------------- --------
Pearl lvl 10
Ruby lvl 20
Diamond lvl 30
Sapphire lvl 40
Emerald lvl 50
Topaz lvl 60
Opal lvl 70
Obsidian lvl 80
Amethyst lvl 90
Aquamarine lvl 100
--------------- --------

11 types of Items

-------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
Ring All Dragon Types (Each Dragon can wear 2 Rings)
Necklace All Dragon Types
Dragon Scales Hand/Leg/Tail Bracelet Western Dragons and Wyvern
Reptile Scales Hand/Leg/Tail Bracelet Lizardus and Dino
Ribbon/Scarf/Armband Furdragon and Eastern Dragon
-------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

Species specific items are items that can be worn only be a certain dragon species, which are listed above. For example, a Furdragon cannot wear the bracelets, just like the Western dragon cannot wear a scarf, etc.

A dragon can only wear the item if the level of the dragon is same or higher than the level of the item. Example: A level 15 dragon can't wear a level 20 item, but the same dragon can wear a level 10 item. High level dragons can normaly wear lower level items than the dragon's level.

Creating Items

Creating items is one of the most important parts and goals of this game. In order to create items you will need materials which you can buy from the appropriate tabs on your Dragonpage. First thing you do is select the item you want to create and the level. After that click Go. In the next menu you can see what materials and how much resources are needed to create certain items. Of course, the higher the level of the item, the more expensive and hard is to create it.

------------------------------ ---------------------------------
Ring metal + gem
Necklace metal + gem
Dragon Scales Hand Bracelet gem + dragon scales
Dragon Scales Leg Bracelet gem + dragon scales
Dragon Scales Tail Bracelet gem + dragon scales
Reptile Scales Hand Bracelet gem + reptile scales
Reptile Scales Leg Bracelet gem + reptile scales
Reptile Scales Tail Bracelet gem + reptile scales
Ribbon leather(lvl 10-50) or silk(lvl 60-100) + aura
Scarf leather(lvl 10-50) or silk(lvl 60-100) + aura
Armband leather(lvl 10-50) or silk(lvl 60-100) + aura
------------------------------ ---------------------------------

There are two kinds of items:

* normal item - gives resource boosts
* special item - gives various special effects

Special items are much harder to get than normal items obviously. There's a random chance in the creation process that you'll get a normal or special item and also what kind of boost you'll get and how much % it's gonna be.

There are also success rates involved in creating items. They will be displayed in the menu before you create the item. These rates are the chance you have to create the item successfully. This means that sometimes you will succeed in creating an item and sometimes you will fail. In either case you will lose the resources and materials you spent into the creation process.

You can either equip your dragon with the items your created or sell them on the Items Market. If you just can't seem to sell your items on the Items Market because nobody bought them, then you can always sell your item to the Factory via the Sell to Factory tab on the left.

Item Effects

Each item has certain effects which boost dragon production or other special attributes. The level of the item determines how powerful the boost will be and the type of the item (normal or special) determines what kind of effect it will be. The higher the level, the more % the item will have.

Each item affects only the dragon it is equipped to. Only some special items affect the player in general, for example all special necklaces.

Here is a list of item effects:

------------------------------ ---------------------------------
Ring normal - % Aura
special - % pageview OR % growth
Necklace normal - % Aura & Sec.Res.
special - % success rate OR % rank
------------------------------ ---------------------------------
Dragon Hand/Leg/Tail Bracelet normal - % Dragon Scales
Dragon Hand Bracelet special - % less hungry
Dragon Leg Bracelet special - % growth
Dragon Tail Bracelet special - % more happy
------------------------------ ---------------------------------
Reptile Hand/Leg/Tail Bracelet normal - % Reptile Scales
Reptile Hand Bracelet special - % less hungry
Reptile Leg Bracelet special - % growth
Reptile Tail Bracelet special - % more happy
------------------------------ ---------------------------------
Ribbon normal - % Dragon Fur
special - % more happy
Scarf normal - % Dragon Fur
special - % growth
Armband normal - % Dragon Fur
special - % less hungry
------------------------------ ---------------------------------

Since special items give such powerful boosts, there are certain limiters for the player dragons.

4 limiters:
only 1 out of 5 dragons can wear a % rank special necklace
only 1 out of 5 dragons can wear a % success rate special necklace
each dragon can wear only one % growth special ring
each dragon can wear only one % pageview special ring

For example, one dragon can't wear two % growth rings, but can still use % growth scarf and % growth ring. And if one of your dragons is wearing % rank necklace, other 4 of your dragons cannot wear a % rank necklace, but can wear other necklaces. Same applies for other limiters.

Resources Market and Items Market

You can add maximum 5 offers on the Resources Market at one time. You can set the amount of resource you offer and want by simply typing in a number in the indicated box. After you're satisfied with the numbers, click Add Offer. Below that you can see all the currently placed offers on the market, the player who put it, how much he/she offers and wants in return and how long the offer has been on the market. The Status tabs displays if you have enough resources to accept the offer and if you have enough room in your General Inventory.

You can add maximum 10 items on the Items Market. In the indicated dropdown menu you're able to see all your items. You select an item you want to auction on the market and set the price and resource you want for it. When you're ready, just click Add Item and the item will be transfered from the General Inventory to the Items Market. Below that you can see all the currently placed items on the market, the seller, item descriptions and how much resources the seller wants for the item. The Status tab displays if you have enough resources to buy the item and if you have enough room in your General Inventory.

Offers on both markets last for 5 days. After that your resources and items are returned to you. Remember, your inventory must not be full when the offer on the Items Market expires.


You are able to buy materials and dragon food from the factory via the Buy Gems and Buy Materials tabs. You cannot buy items this way. However you're able to sell items to the factory via the Sell to factory tab.

Items sold in the factory will be cheap. That's why it is recommended you put your item on auction on the Items Market so that other players can buy it for your set price.

On the first screen you can see it's pretty simple. First you select what you want to buy and go to the next screen. There it will say how much resources you need to buy your selection. If you have enough, then you can buy it. Same is with selling items and materials.

Dragon Lottery

You'll see this feature below the dragon inventory, right under the Description tab. You can only see Dragon Lottery on other players dragons, NOT your own dragons.

This feature motivates people to visit other peoples dragons in order to play the lottery. You can play it only 5 times in 24 hours and each time you'll be offered with a reward based on your Rank Points.
After you played the lottery on someones dragon, it will be disabled for 12 hours. After that period the lottery will be enabled for that players dragon.

There are two types of Dragon Lottery. One is throwing a coin, heads or tails. One will get you a prize, one will get you nothing. And second type is throwing a dice. Some numbers will get you various prizes and some numbers will get you nothing.

Good luck with the lottery!
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